We are excited to announce the Basic Skills Training resource for our children and adolescents.  So many of us take for granted that children are taught certain skills at home in a loving environment – such as, how to tie their shoes, button their shirts, brush their teeth, or even wash themselves up in the bathtub.  What is often forgotten is that when a child grows up in a home with a family member who has a mental disorder, an addiction, or any other atypical situation, they may have missed out on key learning experiences that we would expect for them to have already had.


In this program, our valuable youth will learn the ability to socialize effectively.  In many situations, children come to the program without the social skills that they need to be successful in a typical classroom environment.  Before we place them in a static situation and reprimand them for not being able to sit still, we must first teach them what it means to be disruptive in the first place.  We should explain why this behavior may hurt the learning experience of the other children, and why that should even matter to the child who is being disruptive.  Effective and proper socialization has many facets, and a child needs to understand many levels of social interaction to do well. 

The youth in our program will also gain appropriate communication skills that will further their success in the future as they become productive adults in our community.  Being able to speak confidently in public, work well in groups, and express their own ideas are skills that are priceless in the work force and beyond.  Understanding what type of language and subject matter is appropriate to be discussed in certain groups is very important, as well.  Being able to pick up on social cues and body language is something that many feel is an innate skill, but they are ones that must be taught to many people who have not had a lot of social practice using them.  


While working one-on-one with a trained specialist, these young people will be personally taught proper self-care, basic grooming skills, and good hygiene skills.  Maintaining personal safety is another important component of BST, as well.  Lastly, we teach other valuable life skills, such as organization and time management, so that our participants will always be best prepared for the day ahead of them.  We know that the children are our future, and by setting them up with a great foundation of skills to prepare them for a great life, we are doing our part to heal the world.

Within Arms Reach Community Services Group, LLC is a behavioral health service provider who utilize a combination of professional counselors and therapists to serve the needs of our clients.  We look forward to being of service to you.  In order to schedule your appointment or for more information about the services we offer, please call (702) 640-0949.